Traditional buildings and period homes require skilled craftsmanship. At Unique Plaster we strive to provide high quality Architectural Plaster Products. Our expert knowledge and advice ensures we meet the exact requirements of Heritage Architects and Interior Designers in replicating Decorative Plasterwork, Exterior Mouldings or the creation of Custom Moulding from scratch.

Specialising In -

Restorations And Reproductions


We specialise in replicating damaged or obsolete Interior and Exterior Mouldings. If you are repairing, restoring, renovating or extending, we at Unique Plaster can reproduce almost any Interior or Exterior Moulding or decorative detail such as Cornice, Corbels, decorative ceiling Panels, Bands and Embelishments.

We are able to restore them to their original condition. These specialised products can be produced with a sample piece or a 1:1 scale drawing. If samples cannot be supplied, moulds and templates can be taken on-site.

 Examples Of Our Work